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Waste Minz

Recycling Collections

Green Gorilla provides specialised recycling collections covering all types of recyclables. Types of recyclables collected include paper, cardboard, plastics, bottle and window glass, steel and aluminium cans, polystyrene, plastic film, wood products and more.

We also provide Super Commingled recycling for customers with smaller volumes or where space is restricted. With Super Commingled, all recyclables are placed in one container for collection by compaction vehicle and delivered to Visy Recycling Ltd for sorting and reuse.

Compaction of material assists the automated Visy recycling process and substantially reduces vehicle movements. With Visy recycling even broken glass as small as 8mm can be colour sorted and reused. Smaller pieces are ground and also used for new glass products.

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  1. Experienced management with over 100 years combined industry knowledge
  2. Complete range of collection, recycling, reuse and disposal services
  3. New Zealand owned and operated
  4. Dedicated account manager to service your requirements
  5. Simple plain English contracts
  6. Own resource recovery facility
  7. One stop solution to all waste related issues
  8. Complete tracking and reporting regime